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viernes, enero 18, 2008

Minutos Musicales: Strange Idols

aunque la cita sea casi de un día para otro, os anuncio el primer evento Minutos Musicales del año 2008 y que consistirá en el concierto del grupo inglés Strange Idols en la sala Nasti mañana a partir de la 1 de la mañana.

Y para que veáis que el evento merece la pena pues en este correo os presento al grupo y el trabajo que han realizado hasta el momento y que bien se puede resumir en el disco que hoy os presento y que consiste en un mini-album que recopila los EP publicados por este grupo (que fueron ediciones limitadas y una de ellas sólo en vinilo) más alguna que otra canción adicional.

Uno de estos temas formará parte de la recopilación Minutos Musicales 2007.... que en la semana que viene seguramente salga a la luz para goze y disfrute de todos vosotros. El sorteo del DVD lo realizaremos la semana siguiente y os puedo asegurar que realmente merece mucho la pena.... si todo sigue así en dicho DVD habrá muchas muchas sorpresas. ;-DDD

Una vez que escuches este par de temas recuerda dónde es el evento: Sala Nasti a partir de la 1 mañana sábado 19 de enero de 2008. Toma nota !!!

"Strange Idols sound like rackety John Peel favourites from 1983" TONY NAYLOR, THE GUARDIAN GUIDE

"Take a bit of Stereolab, mix with a dab of Saint Etienne and a hint of The Primitives and Darling Buds and you have an idea of where this is coming from. Sweet."MUSICWEEK

“A band to watch out for, infectious pop-hooks coupled with melodies that would make Franz Ferdinand mess their hair up in disbelief at." ARTROCKER

"...there's a distinct sassiness here, in the vein of early Long Blondes or Belle & Sebastian. What the radio ought call a great little record." PLAYLOUDER

"Like the Organ covering Camera Obscura whilst high on sugar. Yes, it's that good."POWPOWPOW.COM

"....won’t fail to get you bopping down the street along to the jangly guitars and brassy trumpets. Lovely!" New Noise.Net on She's Gonna Let You Down Again

..."A dance classic. Fantastic stuff." HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE LOVED on 'it's no fun'

..."curious combination of C86ish sub-swagger with the force of its Postcard forebears and an occasional sprinkling of Talking Headsy martial funk. It's thrillingly contemporary and blossomingly conscious stuff." PLAYLOUDER

"A band who could do something pretty special, pretty soon." DROWNED IN SOUND

"Indie pop like it was supposed to be – fizzy songwriting, jangling guitars, belting tunes. Sounding like Sophie Ellis Bextor ... with a healthy dose of Altered Images in the mix." HYPEBOT

"...They have quite a ridiculous amount of charm.....it wont be long before Strange Idols have jangled through the chink in your amour and into your affections."DROWNED IN SOUND

"...making pop music with electric guitars and quite possibly a drum machine. It’s sweet, C86 era indie-pop... "NOTHING BUT GREEN LIGHTS

This is excellent pop with plenty of influences from the likes of New Order and Postcard records shining through! A band to investigate further I feel. INDIE MP3 KEEPING C-86 ALIVE

There’s something about this band. Their shimmering stage presence and complete confidence is underlined by a plethora of reassuring yet searching tunes. WHISPERIN & HOLLERIN'

'Its No Fun' conjures up images of summery bike rides, Jean Luc Godard movies and warm fuzzy jumpers...'ARTROCKER

Grupo: Strange Idols
Año: 2007
Web oficial: http://www.myspace.com/strangeidols
Canción: Say Anything y It´s Not Fun

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