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jueves, diciembre 25, 2008

Minutos Musicales: Felices Fiestas con Ballboy

Minutos Musicales os desea que paseis unos días fantásticos, plagados de la compañía de la gente que os quiere.

Y para celebrar estos días que vienen, os dejamos música en mayúsculas: Ballboy.
Gracias a una amiga hoy puedo disfrutar del último cd de este grupo de Edimburgo (gracias Claudia)... un lujo para los sentidos... y que me encantaría compartir con vosotros.

El año que viene verá la luz el doble CD de Minutos Musicales con lo mejor del 2008, el DVD con toda lo recopilado este año en Minutos Musicales (que es mucho) y haremos públicas las fiestas que hemos estado organizando durante los últimos meses y que me han hecho no poder enviar tanta música como me hubiera gustado.

El 2009 se presenta lleno lleno de sorpresas. Estad atentos. ;-D

"Ballboy are 3 boys and 1 girl from Edinburgh in Scotland. We have been making independent music since November 5 1999 which was the launch date of our first ep - Silver Suits for astronauts.

Since then they have released 5 albums:

Club anthems 2001
A Guide for the Daylight Hours
The Sash My Father Wore and Other Stories
The Royal Theatre
I worked on the ships

They have toured the UK too many times to count and have been lucky enough to tour the USA and Sweden also (not forgetting one memorable snowy, drunken show in Berlin too)."

Grupo: Ballboy
Disco: I Worked On The Ships
Año: 2008
Web oficial: http://www.myspace.com/ballboymusic y http://www.ballboymusic.com/
Canciones destacadas: Todo el disco

jueves, diciembre 04, 2008

Minutos Musicales: Hari And Aino

os presento a uno de esos grupos que dará mucho que hablar el año que viene: Hari And Aino.

Grupo sueco con una corta trayectoria a sus espaldas: 1 disco (que hoy os presentamos) y 1 EP, aunque en breve sacarán otro EP.
Su música hace que nos embriaguemos hasta límites insospechados... pop melódico con sencillas y conmovedoras melodías. Twee pop en estado puro y que hoy nos deleita.

"Despite the name, Hari and Aino is not a duo but a quintet from Stockholm, Sweden. The band started out in late 2006 and released the EP "Your heartache and mine" on Cloudberry Records in july 2007. The debut album "Hari and Aino" was released on march 15th 2008 on Plastilina Records. Hari and Aino is releasing the single "A considerate kind of home" at the end of 2008, also on Cloudberry Records. Work has already strarted on a second album which is yet not scheduled for a release, but the spring of 2009 will see the band doing live shows all over Europe. Hari and Ainos sound is often descibed as a very melodic pop with vocals lending inspiration from bands such as Blondie and The Long Blondes, but with janglier guitars.

Written about the album "Hari and Aino"
Indie MP3 wrote:
"From opener Gold, which really should be a single, to singer Andrea doing her best Debbie Harry impressions on I Will Leave or Second Song there is not one weak track here, not one filler nor one dull moment...If lush female vocals and jangling guitars are your thing then this beautiful little album is for you. If not give it a try anyway and put an indie pop smile on your face!"

Indiepages wrote:
"I remember being rather fond of this band's Cloudberry EP earlier this year, but I wasn't prepared for how good their debut full-length would be!... Plastilina has released a number of great records in the last couple years, but this might just be the brightest gem in their catalog!"

British indie blog "Too much apple pie" wrote:
"There are ten tracks in all and I haven't found a weak one yet! I get the feeling that this is one of those albums that I'll never get tired of and love more and more as time passes, which is exciting as I already love it quite a lot! If you like jangling guitars, sweet female lead vocals and direct lyrics (quite frankly, who wouldn't?!), Hari and Aino might be right up your alley."

Pop blog "Pop 'n Cherries" wrote:
"Imagine "The Camera loves me" from The Would-be-goods crossed with Blondie's "Parallel Lines" and you'll get a near-to-clear picture of the band's wide proficiency, from sophisticated guitar-pop to cerebral disco. This is exacty the way we wished The Long Blondes would sound like on a full album..."

French blog Absolut Noise wrote:
"Hari and Airo make pop music which can cheer up the most depressed manic depressive. Fresher, nicer, sweeter than anything you heard before : it is obvious that Gold is an absolute hit."

Hari and Aino are:
Andrea Dahlkild (Vocals)
Gunnar Jacobsson (Drums, Guitars, Mandolin)
Kristoffer Rengfors (Bass, Guitars)
Robert Klaesson (Guitars, Bass, Drums)
Pontus Leander (Keyboards, Glockenspiel, Melodica)"

Grupo: Hari And Aino
Disco: Hari And Aino
Año: 2008
Web oficial: http://www.myspace.com/hariandaino
Canciones destacadas: Seasons, Second Song, Finland y Your Heartache And Mine