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lunes, noviembre 05, 2007

Minutos Musicales: Nurse & Soldier

Nurse & Soldier es un grupo de psycho pop liderado por Robertson Thacher y Erica Fletcher. Los 2 han estado realizando música desde que eran jóvenes y una larga relación ha hecho que su música sea tan particular.

Composiciones llenas de delicadeza, que hablan de traición, nostalgia, reconciliación... los 2 multi-instrumentistas cantan y tocan órganos, guitarras, sintetizadores, batería.... Este es su segundo disco (publicaron el primero en 2001) y ha sido grabado enteramente en New York.

"Nurse and Soldier is a collaborative collaboration of collaborality between four members (Rockie: vox/gtr/toy sousaphone, Billy Sunday: vox/guitar/organ/bass/celery, Danny Barcelona: bass/vox/wigwam, & General Jefferson Bailey: drums/gtr/jug/washboard abs) and their rodent pet Filthor, whose trash-eating spirit haunts their dreams, their nightmares, their music, and sometimes their hearts. They hail from Brooklyn, New York, which is in no way associated with Manhattan.

Nurse and Soldier was born from the tire-fire ashes and landfill-caused questionable genetic mutation of the seminal unheard of band which you've never heard of, Karaoke Hustler. K.H., oft-quoted as the Ohio's equivalent of 'sonic chicken gizzards served on a bed of anarchic beats and spiced with glitter,' ravaged northern Ohio's eardrums with their incendiary rock 'n' roll and their non-incendiary pyrotechnic devices. Nurse and Soldier however, like a sweet, soft-sided cookie, has a sweeter and softer side, adding their own short pop-tinged flavorings to those same chicken gizzards.

A 6-cut EP of these songs was released in May 1999 on Brooklyn's Trifectaa Records, with a full-length currently, and eternally, in the works.

Nurse and Soldier was itself formed in 1998 when Billy Sunday, fresh from paint smelling school, ran into Rockie at Cleveland, OH's Bagel Smearatorium and Coffee Dispensing Recepticle. Rockie was presenting her performance art show 'Could You Pass The Butter Please,' which protested the abuse of hair gel in the executive reaches of the music industry, to an easily-distracted audience of bus boys and narcoleptic ballet students. Brought together by their new-found love of the 'psychedelic digerdoo & gamelan scene' of Lower Nebraska, and reminiscing over K.H.'s disbanding a year earlier amidst a flurry of litigation, cat calls, and cheerleader tryouts, Billy Sunday and Rockie decided once again to make beautiful music together, or at least get drunk and have their instruments feedback."

Grupo: Nurse & Soldier
Disco: Marginalia
Año: 2007
Web oficial: http://www.nurseandsoldier.com/
Canciones destacadas: Brought Up Too Soon, Lies & Alterations, Wrong e Imaginary Friend

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